At CCS, we really are family

Our team is made up of family members and friends who have known each other for most, or in some cases all, of our lives. Our dedication to each other's development drives the progress of the company to constantly seek better solutions for YOU! We are a small organization with one owner and four employees and we are all committed to evolving with the ever-changing world of IT as well as maintaining close relationships with our clients. Meet our team!


Matt Burt

Matt  has been a close family friend since before the days of dial up. Matt received his BA from SNHU in 2009 and is A+ Certified.

Mike Lavelle

Mike is the owner of CCS and has been working in the IT field for 40+ years. The company is built on his ambition and expertise and he plays an integral role in its day to day function.

Katie Lavelle 

Katie is the newest member of CCS. She received her BA from KSU in 2008 and is currently enrolled in the IT program at SMCC. 

Mike Lavelle II

Mike (a.k.a. Michael) was the first member of the Lavelle clan to join the family business. He is A+ Certified and attends classes at NHTI.

Frank Caruso

Frank has been a member of CCS for more than 25 years and is currently our Senior Technical Support Technician.